Digital Color & Black & White Printing

Digital Color Printing

For short runs of less than 2000 impressions, digital color printing is not only the most economical way to go, it is also fast, as no press setup is required. Most jobs are completed in few hours or a day.

You do not have to print large quantity and stock them to get better prices because you can order them as needed, requiring no money to be invested in the inventory. The term used is Print On Demand (POD).

Quality of Digital Technology is so advanced these days that it is difficult to differentiate between offset full colour printing and digital colour printing. The maximum size printed is 18” x 12” and the printing can be double-sided. The paper can be from 70 lb. text to 14 point cover stock. Where short runs are required, digital printing can cover practically all requirements of a business marketing need.

Digital Black & White Printing

Black & white digital printing can handle larger runs and still be economical and fast.

This printing is particularly good when you have multiple originals that need to be reproduced, such as reproduction of manuals.

Offset Color Printing

This type of printing is done on a conventional offset press, which can handle one colour, two colours or full four colour. This is mainly used when the run is in excess of 2000 impressions. It can handle all sizes of paper and all thickness.

Since it requires pre-press work and press setup time, the jobs are completed in 2 to 3 days. If a job is not economical to run on the digital press, or it cannot be run on a digital press, then it goes on the offset.

Offset colour printing materials can also be coated with UV or other types of coating to create a high quality finish.

Large Format Printing

Large format printing is the process used to make banners, large posters and signs in colur or black & white. The posters can also be mounted on Coroplast® or foam core, if desired.

Digital Storage

We can scan your originals, convert them into PDF files and store them on the CD or DVD.



Business Printing Inc. provides all types of labels for indoor and outdoor use.

Other printing services include:

Presentation Folders
Business Cards
Manuals with Tabs
Custom Calendars
Post Cards
Custom Mats
Memo Pads

Price list for Copy & Print

Item 1-10 10-99 100 and up
Black & White copy 10c each

15c both side

5c each

7c for 2 side

3 c each

5 c for 2side

Black and white


20c each

25c for 2 side

10c each

15 c for 2 side

5c for each

7 c for 2 side

Color copy 75c each

1.25 for 2 side

50c each

75c for 2 side

35 c each

65c for 2 side

Color copy on

100 lb gloss txt

$1.50 each

$ 1.75 for 2 side

$1.25 each

$1.5 for 2 side

99c each

$1.25 for 2 side

Color copy on

10 pt card stock

$2.00 each

$1.75 for 2 side

$1.75 each

$2.00 for 2 side

$1.5 for each

$1.75 for 2 side

Color copy on

11x 17 paper

$3.00 each $2.50 each $1.99 each
In house business card

On 12 pt glossy card

$25.00/50 $35.00/100 $45.00/200


Poster | Sign| Banner $3.95 per square feet

On Paper

$4.95per square feet

on Vinyl

$ 6.95 per square feet

On Coro past

Binding- Cerlox, 6-10 mm

½” to 1”

Metal Wire

  $2.95 each

$3.95 each

$4.95 each

$1.95 over 10

$2.95 over 10

$3.95 over 10

95c over 100

$ 1.95 over 100

$2.95 over 100

Flyer 8.5x 5.5 $49.95for 100

$69.95 for 2 side

$59.95 for 250

$89.95 for 2 side

$99.95 for 500

$120 for 2 side

Folding & inserting $20.00  for  100 $40.00 for 300 $65.00 for 500
Lamination $3.95 each $2.95 over 10 $1.95 over 100
Scanning $1.95 each with

E mail or save to USB

95 c over 10 50c over 100

All the prices are subject to appropriate file providing by the client. We accept PDF, JPG, AI and PS files.

50% deposits requires upon the art work approval. Turnaround time is 5 business day. The distribution of any printed material will be extra cost for details contact us at or